Tug Of War Wk/2 – Batalla De Fuerza Semana 2

We tend to see worship as something we do at church and work as something we do in our everyday lives. But worship is meant to be something we do at work as well. It can feel like what happens Monday-Friday pulls us away from our Sunday experience. But what if what happens Monday-Friday is meant to be a continuation of our Sunday experience?

Tug of War Wk 1 – Batalla de Fuerza S1

Living in the “and” means choosing faith even with your doubts. “As long as you have faith, you’ll have doubts.”

  • We trust Jesus with our doubts.
  • Express our doubts.
  • Join a small group.

Viviendo en el “Y” significa escoger a la fe aún cuando estés con dudas. “Mientras tengas fe, tendrás dudas.”

  • Confiamos en Jesús con nuestras dudas.
  • Expresa nuestras dudas.
  • Únete a un grupo pequeño.

Plainfield Message 1/29/17 “Dangerous Prayers: Send Me”

COMMUNITY Plainfield’s Executive Pastor BT Norman delivers the fifth and final message of our Dangerous Prayers series. Recorded live on Sunday, January 29th. The message concludes with the commissioning of several of COMMUNITY Plainfield’s small groups. For more information visit us online at communitychristian.org

Dangerous Prayers Wk 5 – Oraciones Peligrosas Semana 5


Lord, send me so that I can be a blessing to the world.

Are you willing to be sent? Are you willing to be used by God? Are you willing to follow him as he leads you and go where he calls you to go?

Señor, mándame para que yo pueda ser una bendición para el mundo.

Estás dispuesto a ser mandado? Estás dispuesto a ser usado por Dios? Estás dispuesto a seguirlo mientras te guíe, e irías a donde Él te llame a ir?